Does this Privacy Policy cover me for Google AdSense's latest "Dart Cookie"?

Yes. This Privacy Policy Generator on www.PrivacyPolicyOnline.com covers the changes made by Google AdSense in March of 2009, and specifically mentions the Dart Cookie.

Do I need to publish the privacy policies on my page of all of my partners?

No. You need only publish the names of the advertising networks that you use.

You may hyperlink them using our hyperlinking tool that will automatically generate hyperlinks to the leading publishers' privacy/legal centers where users may find the complete and updated privacy policy with a single click.

What is the “Internet Privacy Act”?

There is no such thing as the "Internet Privacy Act". This is a common lie and such an act is often cited by software and media piracy sites in an effort to "scare off" law enforcement agencies – who are absolutely not at all scared by some disclaimer such as this. In fact, such a disclaimer actually makes it easier for law enforcement and other agencies to find such file-sharing and/or piracy sites. One need only enter the text of such a disclaimer into google and you will find dozens of such sites. Just as soon as one closes down, another pops up to take its place.

Why do I need a Privacy Policy?

Some juridictions require that a site has a privacy policy if it collects any information from consumers. Your site might very well do this without your even knowing it through your hosting company – most of whom collect statistics on your site's traffic and users. If you have monetized your site using a partner program such as "Google AdSense" or any number of other advertising/site-monetization partners, their Terms of Service (TOS) requires that your site prominently display a privacy policy and disclose certain information to the users of your site.

What kind of Site-Monetization methods are there?

Google AdSense is one of the favorites of web developers, however, there are hundreds of companies which you can partner with to monetize your site. All of them require that your site use a Privacy Policy.

What does Google do with my information?

This site cannot answer for Google, however Google has defined a very simple privacy policy on their page.